Enhancing the Education of Trumansburg Students

Why I am a Champion for this Cause


I’d like you to consider supporting the Food is Elementary (FIE) curriculum at the Trumansburg Elementary school.  Many of you know about this program already.  If you don’t, please click below on “Learn More.”  This is not a short-term solution, but a long-term show of support for healthy kids & healthy schools.  By voting with our dollars to continue this program, we are demonstrating a commitment to FIE in our community.  Please show the school board & administration that we’re grateful for the hours that they’ve already invested in the program and ask that they continue their work to make it a permanent part of the Trumansburg school district.

Yes, I am married to Mr. O.  But I also have my own experiences in the classroom as a volunteer food educator and as a mother to my daughter Lucy who has attended the classes.  There is a reason that Anthony has made sacrifices over the past years to keep this program running.  This program is able to reach every child- even, and sometimes especially, those that are challenged and frustrated by day-to-day school routines & curriculum.   Food is an universal experience.  Every student can talk about food, learn about food, and find myriads of daily opportunities to use what he or she has learned.  And when those connections are made, amazing things can happen.  I’ve seen it firsthand in the classroom, heard many excited stories from fellow parents, and have watched my own daughter become a guardian of her own health & wellbeing.  This program is an incredible vehicle to reach over 400 children each week.  $62 will cover the program for one child for the remainder of the year.  We’d love you to consider supporting the food eduction of one child, but absolutely any amount, no matter how small, would be so appreciated.

Thank you!

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